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    Tuesday, 24 March 2009

    Confidence? In the Home Office?

    Now I admit that terrorism is of the utmost seriousness and that the threat level has never been higher (well it has, but, you know, figure of speech) but at the end of the day, one has to get up in the morning, go to work etc... one has to generally get on with life.

    Indeed, it seems the government has a similar sentiment.  Jacqui Smith today said that 'the aim of the Government's new counter terrorism strategy is to reduce the risk of terrorism to allow people to go about their lives freely and with confidence'.

    Sounds good - 'confidence' after all is important.  We don't want the public scared senseless do we?


    Well Ms Smith then gave us a comprehensive list (ooh err, watch out, it's those lists again) of what such 'risk' involves.  Cue mental images of mushroom clouds, a London uninhabitable for 50 years, gruesome boils, people with three heads for centuries to come, that sort of thing.  This was reinforced by phrases such as 'highly likely' and 'strike at any time'.  All rather alarming....

    Sorry, got sidetracked.  What was she saying about 'confidence'?

    I hate to alarm you further, but let us not forget that the Home Office is in charge of all this counter-terrorism lark...

    On second thoughts, forget confidence...

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