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    Monday, 1 June 2009

    Britain's Got Talent - Gordon Brown's stunning rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream'

    There was a time when polls were kind
    When I floated aloft
    My words were uplifting
    There was a time when they were blind
    And the world came along
    Came along to the Docklands
    There was a time
    Then it all went wrong

    I dreamed a dream in time gone by
    When polls were high
    And I was winning
    I dreamed that I would lead and fly
    I dreamed the public were forgiving
    Then I was tough and unafraid
    But plans were made and used and wasted
    There was no high debt to be paid
    No ploy unsung, no plot went wasted

    But the vultures come at night
    With their voices harsh as thunder
    As they call for me to part
    And they turn my dream to shame

    I spent a summer riding high
    And now my days are surely numbered
    I took recession in my stride
    But then McBride arose to fame

    And still I dream of victory
    That I will live ten years in power
    There are no dreams that cannot be
    There are no storms I cannot weather

    I had a dream the polls would be
    So different from this hell they’re showing
    So different now from what I seemed
    Now I have killed the dream I dreamed

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