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    Thursday, 23 April 2009

    Expenses reform? Make a difference today

    This is a screenshot from the excellent blog of Labour MP Tom Harris.
    Oh, what's that advert for? Surely not John Lewis!? The John Lewis of John Lewis List fame?
    Now I know that precisely what adverts appear in those ad boxes is beyond the blogger's control but on a day where the expenses reform row rumbles on, it is rather ironic!
    The actual slogan of the ad is also laced with irony.
    'Make a difference today' is why many MPs become MPs, and it is this that has been tarnished by the long-running expenses row.
    It's time our representatives made a truly bold difference today. The old system stinks. Gordon Brown's new system stinks. The expenses system needs bold and firm reform before the reputation of Parliament and our MPs is beyond repair.
    Government departments such as the MOD already have a 'second home' system that works.
    There should be a criterion for travel distance (either miles or hours by public transport). If you live beyond the set distance you qualify for a second property. All properties are rented within a certain price band. Rent and the cost of utilities are paid for. The rest is up to the MP.
    Those MPs with grace and favour properties would not qualify. Travel expenses to and from constituencies could be claimed with receipts along with staff costs etc.
    The basic salary would cover work (which, surprisingly enough, includes actually turning up).
    Come on. This is not difficult. Make a difference for us and yourselves.

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