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    Tuesday, 21 April 2009

    Guido has unearthed a real gem - an internal Labour Party briefing document on 'New Media' strategy.

    My particular favourite is the following line:

    "We also need to ensure Ministers are featured on online forums, such as Mumsnet, money supermarket, Treehuggers etc. Both as featured visitors and regular contributors."

    The second one is a particularly good idea *sarcasm*. Money supermarket could add a 'Minister comparison' section to their site. Rated according to expenses, policy, column inches, likability., e-acountability, it would be an instant hit!

    You can imagine Obama on Mumsnet, you can imagine Obama going down well on Mumsnet, you can imagine the press being generally warm to the idea of Obama on Mumsnet.

    I'm not entirely sure the same could be said about any Minister...

    Ed Balls on Mumsnet? Jacqui Smith? I somehow think not.

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