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    Tuesday, 28 April 2009

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to carry on leading this great country of ours... do we?

    There is now another support Brown petition on the No. 10 site, this one with 50 signatures...
    50? Not bad...
    Well actually, it is.
    They range from the serious (the person who created it

    To the plotting:
    Ed Balls, Chancellor in waiting
    Robert Mugabe
    Tony B Liar
    Jeremy Clarkson
    Alistair Darling (instructed by Winky)

    To the clever:
    Juan Idescottishgit
    L X Shun Nao
    Thai Mtugo

    To the funny: (well they're all quite funny)
    EightyEight P Bathplug
    Tractor production is UP! I tell you
    It started in America
    Boom AND Bust
    Polly Toynbee von Tuscany

    To the downright rude:
    fat unelected lying hoon
    W Inky McFukcnut (sic)
    James Gordon Brown is an amoral f**king sewer rat the worthless c**t.

    The stars are my polite addition - it seems that youtube isn't the only source of abuse - how long before this petition is taken down? Place your bets!

    While you're at it, SIGN the petition. Now number 5. I obviously did not spend my friday night emailing it to all the newspapers I could think of...

    UPDATE: Thinking about it, I thought No.10 vetted and monitored these things - are they trying to tell Gordon something?

    UPDATE II: It would seem that there has been some attempt to 'cleanse' the signatories for most of those that were there this morning are there no longer. The attempt fails as they have just been replaced by more abuse.
    This arguably sends a stronger message than the petition calling for Brown's resignation. As one signatory's name says, do you think you'll manage to get 10 REAL signatures?
    I'm not holding my breath.

    UPDATE III (Wednesday pm.) It's been purged again, down to a measly 14 signatures.

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